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5 things to consider when making a will in Scotland

For most people, making a will should not be complicated or too time consuming, yet approximately 30 million adults in the UK alone have no will in place. We never...
Will Aid 2015

Will Aid 2015

In November of last year, Gibson Kerr proudly participated in Will Aid 2015 for the 7th year. Last year’s campaign was a huge success, all of the solicitors that took...
Loved One has died without a will

Your loved one has died without a will

Every day in Scotland, people pass away without having left a will. With an estimated 30 million adults across the UK not having a will in place, intestacy (the legal...
Executors Glossary of Legal Terms

Executors: Glossary of Legal Terms

When someone close to you has passed away, dealing with their estate can be traumatic. There are lots of legal terms used in the days, weeks and months after a...
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Dying Without a Will Hurts Your Family and Friends

Watch our video on what dying without a will means for those you leave behind.
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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Need You to Write a Will

Thinking about writing a will is something most people avoid, but here are 5 reasons why your children need you to do it.
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When Your Law Firm Goes Into Administration

Find out what you should do when your chosen law firm goes into administration or gets taken over by another firm.
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Why Don't You Have a Will in Place?

In this article we explore many of the common reasons why people don't have a will in place.
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The Perils of DIY Wills

Discover the downfalls on having a DIY will and how it could impact your family.

Making a Will and the Pitfalls of Intestacy

Making a Will is the easiest and only way to ensure your wishes are properly executed upon your passing. A Will is a document which explicitly states the desires of...

Circus Owner Leaves Books to University

National University of Ireland, Galway, has been left a large collection of books in a bequest from the estate of circus owner Henry Ringling North. In total, 1,200 books have...

College Receives Record Bequest

Orange Coast College (OCC) in California has received a bequest of $480,000, which is apparently the largest unrestricted bequest in history of the college's Foundation. The gift was left in...