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UK Inheritance Tax Changes Announced

Find out more about the recently announced changes to UK inheritance tax and how they may affect you.
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Life After Divorce 10 Tips to Help You Adjust

Going through a divorce can be incredibly tough. In this article we share some tips to help you adjust to your new life.
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Power of Attorney in Scotland

Get more information on applying for a power of attorney in Scotland.
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The Perils of DIY Wills

Discover the downfalls on having a DIY will and how it could impact your family.
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Dealing with Divorce: What’s Best for Your Children?

Learn more about the effect divorce and subsequent living arrangements can have on children.
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Divorce Rates in the Over 65s are Rising Fast

Learn more about the reasons behind rising divorce rates amongst pensioners.
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10 Common Divorce Myths in Scotland

Learn the facts about 10 of the most common divorce myths in Scotland.
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Divorce Punishments for Men in England and Wales

Read about the proposed range of punishments in England and Wales for divorced men who don't pay up.
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7 Things You Need to Know About Divorce in Scotland

Discover 7 things you need to know if you're thinking of getting divorced in Scotland.
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Cost of Care: How Does England Compare to Scotland?

How does the law on cost of care vary within the UK?
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Irish Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

Ireland took an historic decision to allow same-sex marriages recently.
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Dementia and Powers of Attorney What You Need to Know

Find out more about dementia and applying for a power of attorney.