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The Duke of Westminster, Inheritance Tax & How You Can Benefit from a similar plan

You don’t have to be a Duke or Duchess to benefit from proper estate planning – keep your assets in your family by following these tips.
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The Named Person

What is the Named Person Scheme? In 2014, the Scottish Government introduced the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act (C&YP), which was to be implemented in August of this year....
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5 things to consider when making a will in Scotland

For most people, making a will should not be complicated or too time consuming, yet approximately 30 million adults in the UK alone have no will in place. We never...
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Divorce in Scotland: What you need to know

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for all involved, especially when there are so many things to sort out with your partner. This is why it's...
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Financial Planning after Divorce

Divorce is about severing ties and starting over, at the same time. Having a financial plan can help secure your future and give you peace of mind.

The Distribution of an Estate - What You Need To Know

When an individual dies, their estate must be distributed in accordance with Scottish law. The deceased may have made estate planning a priority in their lifetime and left a will...
Will Aid 2015

Will Aid 2015

In November of last year, Gibson Kerr proudly participated in Will Aid 2015 for the 7th year. Last year’s campaign was a huge success, all of the solicitors that took...
Social _Media _and _Divorce

Social Media & Divorce

Could social media undermine your relationship? Contribute to the breakdown of your marriage? Could it get you a worse outcome in your divorce? Continue to haunt you long after the...
Loved One has died without a will

Your loved one has died without a will

Every day in Scotland, people pass away without having left a will. With an estimated 30 million adults across the UK not having a will in place, intestacy (the legal...
Executors Glossary of Legal Terms

Executors: Glossary of Legal Terms

When someone close to you has passed away, dealing with their estate can be traumatic. There are lots of legal terms used in the days, weeks and months after a...
15 Things You Should Know About Family Mediation (1)

15 Things You Should Know About Family Mediation

Family mediation may not be a term you’ve heard of before, so let’s start by looking at a definition: Family mediation is a process in which those involved in family...
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13 Common Reasons Why People Divorce

Discover 13 of the most common reasons why marriages run into problems and result in divorce.
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